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Summer Activities in Tampa Bay: Beach, Food, Music

Summer is here in Florida!

Plans need to be made if you want to visit the most unique and exciting beaches in the area. From the amazing St. Pete Pier to the amazing food you can get from Island Flavors and Tings’ and the music you can hear at local venues, you’ll never get bored when hanging out in Tampa Bay.

St. Pete and Gulfport, Florida are great places to experience island flavors and summer fun! They have a lot of things going on, and they’re sure to leave you with incredible memories this summer. Between the stunning beaches, exciting music scene, authentic Caribbean flavors, fun activities, and beautiful views at St. Pete Pier. Spending time in this area of Florida is a blast! You can check out this blog for some of our favorite spots.

Spend your “perfect summer” with your family and friends, while staying close to your home. Take a trip to the Gulfport’s beaches—you’ll find them just as beautiful as those in St. Pete! There are plenty of water sports activities to keep you and your family busy. And if you’re feeling more adventurous, try out kayaking or renting jet skis. There is always something for everyone, whether you love the outdoors, shopping, sampling local foods, or relaxing by the beach. You can be sure that St. Pete and Gulfport have a lot of family-friendly fun activities that can assure your memorable summer vacation with the little ones.

And when the time comes that you feel hungry, look no further and head over to Island Flavors and Tings. We have excellent Caribbean food and is run by our family who’s been in the business for generations.

We’ve got a variety of menu items, including traditional Jamaican favorites like Jerk Chicken, Brown Stew Chicken, and Rice & Peas. But if you’re looking for something different that you want to enjoy with friends, we also offer amazing Rum Cakes like our famous Jamaican Rum Cake and Tropical Rum Cake. We also have some kid-friendly desserts like Pineapple Upside Down Cake, it is so soft, sweet, and filled with tropical fruits making you feel the island breeze with every slice.

Spend some time listening to music while you’re out walking by the beach and feeling the summer sun. We’ve got a playlist of songs that we think will make your summer even more fun. If you haven’t already, check it out!

There’s no better way to spend your summer than with family. Whether you’re going camping or just having a barbecue at home, bring out all of your best friends for the occasion. You won’t regret it!

And last but not the least, no matter what you’re craving, Island Flavors and Tings has something for everyone. Caribbean cuisine is a unique blend of rich flavors, spices, and textures, and is the perfect choice for casual dining or an evening out with friends and family. You can be sure at Island Flavors and Tings you’ll experience the real deal.

As you plan your visit, Gulfport, Florida location is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 11 AM – 7 PM. And the St. Pete location is open every Friday through Sunday from 10 AM – 6 PM. You can check out the menu here.


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