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Jamaican Independence Day with Island Flavors and Tings Gulfport, Florida Location

Celebrating Jamaican Independence Day is a wonderful way to show your support for the island country. It’s also a great time to share a bit of the culture with friends who have never been to Jamaica and are interested in learning more about it. If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate Jamaican Independence Day, look no further than Island Flavors and Tings in Gulfport, Florida. The restaurant is a hidden gem in sight of St. Pete. The food here is delicious and fresh — and it’s all made with love by the team at Island Flavors & Tings.

Jamaica’s History & Culture

First, we must understand why Spain and England desired the island of Jamaica.

Jamaica is in a strategic location of choice in the spice trade due to its proximity to Central America and the Caribbean. This trading activity led to the development of the coffee, nutmeg, and cinnamon industries. It also led to a significant economic dependency on the West Indian islands since the Caribbean became the primary distribution point. With the rise of British dominance in the region, Jamaica was an area of intense British colonization and economic slavery, leading to the significant legacy of indentured servitude that still plagues the island today.

In 1838, the British abolished slavery. Since many freedmen chose to have farms instead of working on the plantations they were freed from, the British began using people from Asia, specifically Chinese and Indians, to do indentured work on plantations.

After World War II, British rule began to diminish, and locals began working towards independence.

Long history lesson cut short: the United Kingdom’s Parliament passed the Jamaica Independence Act on July 19th, 1962, officially granting independence to begin on August 6th. It marked the country’s long-awaited independence from the British.

With Jamaica’s history of being a land where many different nationalities resided, it made sense for the country’s motto became “Out of Many, One People.” The country’s flag is green, gold, and black. It is the only, flag in the world without red, white, or blue on it.

Jamaican Independence Day is a public holiday celebrated every year in Jamaica and by Jamaicans worldwide with galas, parades, carnivals, and cookouts.

Jamaican Independence Day 2022

If you love eating Jamaican food, then this is the place for your next visit! You’ll find traditional dishes such as oxtail stew or jerk chicken with rice and peas. There are also vegan options available if those are more up your alley; just ask the servers about what they have available so they can make sure that everyone can enjoy the island flavors!


If you really want to celebrate with us, join us for our Rum Cake Weekend as we celebrate Jamaica’s independence. We will be featuring our Jamaican Rum Cake which is a favorite amongst tourists and locals alike along with many other popular rum desserts made from scratch. Visit the Gulfport Florida location, Friday through Sunday from 1pm to 7 pm or the St. Pete Pier Marketplace Booth Friday through Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.


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