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FAQ on Rum Cakes from Island Flavors and Tings

We know not everyone has eaten a slice of rum cake before, but we can assure you when you do, you will love it.

We’re going to answer your questions about rum cake.

What is Rum Cake?

Rum has been used for years in cakes, sauces, ice cream, and more.

It pairs well with almost any dessert ingredient you can think of, like chocolate or vanilla, and incredibly well with fruit. It gives the cake that unique flavor that you can’t get anywhere else! There are many different types of rum cake. The ones that are made with gingerbread and cinnamon are usually the most popular.

The alcohol in the cake is typically a dark rum or rum extract used to develop the flavor as either a sauce on top of the cake or soaked into the cake after it is baked. Island Flavors and Tings always uses rum, not rum extract. 😉

Rum cake is usually baked in a bundt cake pan with a removable bottom, making it easy to slice into wedges.

There are many different ways to make rum cake, but this is the most traditional.

Why is Rum Cake a Popular Dessert?

Rum cake is a popular dessert because it is moist, rich, and has an intense flavor. We all love a sweet dessert, but adding rum as a layer of spice can make a cake special. Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, or just because, rum cakes are always in demand. You can choose to eat a rum cake yourself, but why not gift one to a family member or friend?

Do I Refrigerate Rum Cake?

Rum cake is a dessert that can be served cold or at room temperature with whipped cream and fresh fruit or by itself. Because of the rum in the cake, it can act as a preservative and can be stored in an air-tight container at room temperature, not in direct light. As a result of proper care and in excellent conditions, a rum cake can last up to 10 days. If you freeze it and store it correctly, the cake can last a couple of months.

How Can We Order a Rum Cake?

Currently, Island Flavors and Tings has many different rum cakes. Pina Colada Rum Cake, Vanilla Rum Cake, Chocolate Rum Cake, and the Jamaican Rum Cake (traditional black cake). You can order online or in our Gulfport, Florida, and St. Pete Pier location.

You can order here on Island Flavors and Tings or our online menu.

Vanilla Rum Cake from Island Flavors and Tings on a platter ready to order


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