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What is Jamaican Cuisine?

People who have never tried Jamaican food at a Jamaican restaurant often wonder, what is Jamaican cuisine?

Jamaican cuisine is renowned worldwide for the unique combination of spices, fruits, vegetables, and more to create some of the most mouth-watering dishes. The dishes of Jamaica are rich in taste and variety. 

Jamaican food is flavorful and comforting. Its a mixture of diverse cultures, spices, and foods from across the Indian Ocean and Caribbean Sea regions. Jamaican meals are popular for their use of sauces, coconut, rice, beans, and plantains as ingredients while using fish, chicken, and beef as a protein source. Some of the most popular Jamaican dishes include turmeric, scotch bonnet peppers, pimento, thyme, and ginger to make chicken dishes such as jerk chicken, brown stew chicken, and curry chicken. Similar seasonings are in the popular beef dish, oxtails. 

A typical Jamaican meal usually involves food from various regions of Jamaica. Over time, Western and Native American influences have also been widely mixed in to create a truly diverse blend of Caribbean cooking. 

As food from Jamaica is cooked in many different ways, it is difficult to generalize Jamaican dishes. As in many other countries, Caribbean cuisine varies greatly from area to area and even from family to family. 

In visiting Island Flavors and Tings, you are getting a taste of our authentic home-style meals. Our restaurant serves food as how we grew up in Jamaica, and that is why our brethen (relatives and friends) and fans of Island Flavors and Tings love about dining in our Gulfport, FL location.

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Island Flavors Jamaican Restaurant Serving Jamaican Cuisine in Florida


What are the hours of operation for Island Flavors and Tings?

Tuesday through Sunday from 1 pm to 7 pm.

Does Island Flavors and Tings offer catering?

Yes. Please view our catering menu here.

Is everything on the restaurant menu considered spicy?

No. Our customers find our jerk menu items the spiciest items and even then it is made to be a mild to medium heat. Please ask our staff if you have any questions about any food item.


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