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Tropical Dessert Board

Embrace the spirit of the tropics and elevate your dessert game with a DIY Tropical Dessert Board that promises to be a showstopper at any event. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering, a celebration with friends, or simply craving a taste of paradise at home, this curated assortment of indulgent delights is the perfect way to turn an ordinary occasion into a sweet, tropical escape.

What's inside the box?

Tropical Rum Cake

Kick off your dessert journey with the star of the show – Tropical Rum Cake. Moist, flavorful, and infused with the rich essence of rum, this Caribbean classic is a celebration in itself. Each bite is a journey to the sun-soaked shores, where the warmth of the tropics meets the indulgence of a perfectly crafted dessert. The Tropical Rum Cake sets the tone for an unforgettable dessert experience as delightful as an island breeze.

Chocolate Rum Cake

For the chocolate aficionados in the crowd, the Chocolate Rum Cake is a must-include on your DIY dessert board. Indulge in layers of velvety cocoa goodness blended with the distinctive taste of rum. It’s a decadent twist on a classic that will satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth, adding a touch of richness to your tropical spread.

Vanilla Rum Cake

The Vanilla Rum Cake is a timeless choice for those who appreciate the elegance of simplicity. With its moist texture and the subtle warmth of rum, this cake is a testament to the beauty of uncomplicated flavors. Paired with the tropical elements of the board, it adds a touch of sophistication that complements the overall experience.

Pina Colada Rum Cake

Infuse your dessert board with the flavors of a tropical cocktail by including the Pina Colada Rum Cake. This delightful creation captures the essence of a beachside paradise, combining the sweetness of pineapple and the creaminess of coconut with the signature touch of rum. It’s a slice of sunshine that brings the vacation vibes to your dessert spread.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

No tropical dessert board is complete without the quintessential pineapple upside-down cake. This classic treat gets a tropical makeover, showcasing caramelized pineapple rings atop a moist and flavorful cake. It’s a nod to tradition with a touch of the exotic, adding fruity sweetness to your indulgent selection.

Rum Balls

For those looking for a bite-sized indulgence, Rum Balls are the perfect addition to your dessert board. These little orbs of delight pack a punch of flavor with the richness of chocolate, the sweetness of rum, and the satisfying crunch of nuts. Pop one in your mouth, and you’ll experience tropical bliss in every bite.

Assorted traditional Filipino desserts including puto, bibingka, and sapin-sapin on a dessert charcuterie board, sprinkled with coconut shavings.

Creating a DIY Tropical Dessert Board is a delightful experience, but for those special occasions where you want to savor every moment without the hassle, consider ordering these delectable treats from Island Flavors and Tings.

The expertly crafted Tropical Rum Cake, Chocolate Rum Cake, Vanilla Rum Cake, Pina Colada Rum Cake, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and Rum Balls are available in a special box that comes complete with a board and random fillers for only $85.


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